• Redundant storage in the European Union

    Every file is stored in at least two geographically separate datacenters, with automated replication.

    You only have to send your files once, we do the rest.

    We currently have storage in France, Germany, Luxembourg.

    This increases both durability of your data and reliability for 7/24 access.

    Access can be either public (for static web content, for example) or private (like a local disk would be) for use as off-site backups.

  • REST-based, S3-compatible API

    Eriomem Storage is accessed through a simple REST-based, S3-compatible API (Application Programming Interface). It is compatible with popular third party clients: you only need to configure the "endpoint".

    This makes it a snap to use with client software developed for other cloud storage providers. We are constantly checking compatibility with third-party open source software; feel free to contact us if you have specific demands or requirements regarding client software compatibility.

    This also makes Eriomem storage directly accessible from any web browser, allowing you to use it for bulk or static web content (so you can focus your own infrastructure on dynamic content).

  • Cryptography

    Eriomem uses cryptography to protect data where possible.

    Encryption is currently implemented:

    • in our TLS HTTP frontend, to protect file and API accesses.
    • in our internal, TLS-based replication protocol, to protect data in transit between nodes
    Eriomem is using DNSSEC on its DNS servers.

    Eriomem is also currently working on file-level encryption, to protect stored content from third parties.

  • IPv6 included

    Finally, Eriomem is committed to the new IPv6 Internet. It's more than an afterthought, it's our default choice for all developments. But IPv4 old-timers don't need to worry, we support legacy protocols too!
  • pricing

    You are billed monthly depending on:

    • your current subscription;
    • number of replicas (currently always 3);
    • if applicable, volume of above-subscription data storage and outgoing transfers.

    You need to have a positive balance on your account, meaning you have to pay in advance. Your account can be refilled using a credit card or wire transfer.

  • Data storage


    Stored amount

    Number of replicas

    € / month exc. tax

    1 TB subscription 3 10 €
    10 TB subscription 3 90 €
    20 TB subscription 3 150 €
    1 GB (*) 3 0.02 €
    (*) above subscription
  • Data transfer




    subscriptionincluded (depends on amount subscribed)
    1 GB in (*)free
    1 GB out (*)0.01 €
    (*) above subscription