Why Eriomem?

Eriomem is based in Paris, France, and was incorporated in 2011.

We all need online services to better protect our privacy, either from the Internet behemoths or from governments, intelligence agencies, accidental data loss...

Eriomem aims to provide such services.

"Eriomem is "mémoire" reversed, French word for "memory".

Our online storage service uses distributed servers in several European Union countries. This allows your precious data to be easily and quickly moved due to logistical reasons or changes in law. It also protects you with European Union laws, more respectful of your privacy.

Law and Cryptography

Because the protection the law offers is obviously not enough, we add cryptography, which is specialized mathematics. Eriomem uses cryptography at all levels: today on data transfers and domain names, soon on storage itself (end-to-end encryption on the user end, on-disk encryption), authentication (certificates in lieu of passwords)...

Additionaly, although the revelations by Edward Snowden on mass surveillance by the US-based NSA triggered a wave of measures in the IT sector aimed at restoring our privacy, current usage is not yet satisfactory as compared to the state of the art in cryptography. Eriomem will take its share in sustaining future evolutions.

Free (libre) software

Eriomem uses free software and will distribute its own storage software with a free software licence. Free licences, allowing third-party contributions and audits, are the best way to ensure transparency over software quality –- hence software security. It also allows wide-scale dissemination of the involved algorithms and technologies.


Eriomem services are directly funded by our customers. This helps avoid conflicts of interest on privacy.

The founder and owner of Eriomem is Pierre Beyssac. With over 25 years experience in the IT industry, Pierre has been involved with the Internet since 1993 in many roles, from user to software developer, systems & network administrator, activist or entrepreneur. In 1999 he co-founded Gandi.net, a well-known European domain name registrar.


Eriomem SAS
28, rue Boussingault
F-75013 Paris